Company profile

Company profile

JJS Cloud Accounting Specialists is a full business solution for the start up to medium companies. Friendly accurate and professional services will reduce operating cost and accurate accounting could lead to legally reduced taxes.


Services Offered:

  • Bookkeeping (Sage One Accountant).

Cloud accounting.

Free uploading of accounts to Sage One.

Accurate day to day bookkeeping.

Month end reports.

Financial statements.      

  • Payroll administration.

Weekly/ fortnightly and monthly pay slips.

Print or e-mail or SMS pay slips.

Payroll payment and payment reconciliation.

  • Web page administration

Web design (Sage One tools).

Webhosting (Starts from R 10.00 per month).

E-mail marketing campaigns (up to a 100,000 emails).

  • CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission)

New company registration.

Address, directors and name changes.

Annual returns.

  • SARS

Monthly PAYE/UIF and VAT returns (EMP 201 AND VAT 201).

Yearly PAYE reconciliation and IRP 5 (EMP 501).

  • Training (www.mylearner.co.za)

Full training is provided on Sage One.

Onsite training available (Maximum of 4 trainees at a time).